Our Mission

Our Mission

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation is a social justice non-profit in South Central Los Angeles that achieves long-term, comprehensive community development.  We recognize that Indigenous, Black, and Latino immigrant communities are disproportionately impacted by historical oppression, health disparities, disinvestment and displacement.  Therefore, we develop and preserve affordable housing; elevate health equity and access to care; mobilize for environmental justice; create and protect local economic opportunities; expand engagement in arts and culture; and advocate for policies protecting human rights.  Esperanza works collaboratively to strengthen South Los Angeles.  In all of our actions, Esperanza builds hope with the community.

Our Vision

Ours is a community united for good. We have developed from a neighborhood of last resort to a community of choice. Our vision is one of a place where basic human rights are honored.

Our vision for our community includes every family having the opportunity to live in decent, safe, and affordable housing. Slumlords are not tolerated in our community and people no longer live in overcrowded, dilapidated apartments. Recreational space, parks, and community centers are available for families to enjoy. Supermarkets are located throughout the neighborhood and offer families healthy food at affordable prices. Health clinics are open and accessible to all, and there is an active network of social service agencies that work at the street level, offering support to families in particular need. Schools in our community teach children and their families to aim for excellence by providing a quality education. Community based organizations work to build local leadership, which helps to strengthen the social infrastructure of the neighborhood. There are no liquor stores, trash, or graffiti. This is a community where families live with dignity and there is respect among neighbors. This is a community where generations of families choose to stay and grow.

We envision a community with a strong economic base where there are visible signs of public and private investment. There are banks easily accessible throughout the community where working families have access to financial services, including credit and bank loans. We envision a community where everyone earns a living wage and employers value their workers. Affordable child care is available to working parents. We envision a community in which academic institutions are moved to creatively link their resources to community needs. They are active members of our community and there are no boundaries to their participation and contribution.

We envision a community where there are opportunities to learn and excel, for both young people and adults. Information is shared and distributed and the learning process leads to political power. We envision an activist community where the opinions of local residents are solicited, respected, and considered by civic leaders. We believe in a community where no one is anonymous or feels alienated.

We envision a community united against domestic violence and crime. There are no gangs, and young people have opportunities that allow them to feel that they belong and can develop their skills, talents, and imagination. Our vision is of a community filled with peace, joy, and justice.

Our Values

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation values taking a stance that challenges unjust social and economic conditions and structures in our community, especially those which have a direct effect on families. We value empowering others to speak for themselves and find their own voice and position on critical socio-economic issues of the day. Our work is grounded in the belief that the community is a reservoir of hope and hospitality based on trusting relationships and empowered by the collective wisdom of its diverse people — in dialogue and discourse. We believe in addressing the fundamental disparities between rich and poor in our society. We value taking positions that lead to action and collaboration with other organizations and community residents regarding social and economic justice issues. We value the power in partnerships and the limitless possibilities that they create. We believe in equal partnerships with our public, financial, and corporate partners whom we invite to share in a common agenda for systemic change. We respect the bonds and nurturing that families provide and work to create an environment that builds a strong sense of community.