Esperanza is dedicated to improving the lives of our community members. Below are testimonials from those who have participated in our programs – including our Education, Health, Economic Development, and Arts & Sciences programs.

What our students are saying about Esperanza:

The Summer Program at Villa Esperanza is good because it helps you learn. We do a lot of writing and math. We also have fun. I learned a lot about the 4th of July, the Deep Sea, cloak, time and calendar, and the dinosaurs. We even went to a field trip to Griffith Park.  I had fun the four weeks. — Patricia Nonoal, 2nd grader at 32nd Street School

The Villa Esperanza Program has helped me since I was in 1st grade. I am in 2nd grade now.  The teachers here have helped me learn more multiplication, read faster and read better. I even know two digit time tables. This program is good for any child in any grade.— Brian Soto, 2nd grader at 28th Street Elementary School

I have been coming to the After School Program at Villa Esperanza since I was in Kindergarten. I also come to the Summer Program. My mom says that it’s better to be here than being at home watching TV. It also helps me improved in my writing and reading skills. It has helped so much that I got two medals and a lot of diplomas at school. The medals are for reading and Math. At Villa Esperanza I also got into Yoga, it helps me to relax.  I think is a good program for other kids too because if helps them with their homework and because here are the best teachers, director and helpers. We have also done a lot of projects like fossils and activities like face painting. Villa Esperanza is the best!— Mariely Pablo, 4th grader at 28th Street Elementary School

What our Promotores are saying about Esperanza:

As an immigrant to the U.S. from Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, I got a taste of both worlds.  I soon started to feel a hidden passion rumble inside of me…the passion to serve.  I knew I had a calling to help and serve my community, but I didn’t know how to start.  While walking the streets of my neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles I came across an organization named the South Los Angeles Ministry Program and enrolled in their parenting classes.  While at one of these classes I was inspired by the presenter, a Promotora de Salud, and wanted to become one.  I inquired, applied and was accepted into the 2003 class of Promotores de Salud at Esperanza Community Housing Corporation. During my internship I discovered another passion…the passion to teach people about adopting healthy lifestyles through nutritional education and policy change.  At the same time I came across another inspiring organization named Instituto de Educacion Popular del Sur de California (IDEPSCA), where I am currently coordinating their Health Program.  I work with day laborers, home workers, youth and children by giving them educational workshops on healthy habits, child development and safe work practices.  I have been able to influence my children and husband, who accompany me to workshops, and my fellow community members, who are also taking action.  As a leader I have been able to pave the way for other promotores —to help them explore and explode the rumble within them. — Ms. Patricia Rizo

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An inside look at our Economic Development and Arts & Sciences programs:

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