What We Do

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation (“Esperanza”) was established in 1989 to support the residents of the Figueroa Corridor of South Central Los Angeles, whose homes were being threatened by encroaching construction. Today, Esperanza remains committed to investing in this vibrant community, offering support through five core program areas: Affordable Housing, Health, Arts, Environmental Justice and Economic Development; these areas are also underlined by a policy component. Esperanza broadens and strengthens its impact through strategic partnerships with community members, nonprofits, businesses and policy makers.

Esperanza currently serves 126,000 individuals a year. In all of its activities, Esperanza strives to build hope with community.

Esperanza’s Core Program Areas

Affordable Housing“It began with housing…”
Esperanza improves the quality and affordability of housing in our neighborhood by developing new family apartments and rehabilitating existing properties. Learn More.

Health“What makes a healthy neighborhood?”
Esperanza’s comprehensive community health programs offer a range of services focused on ensuring essential health education and access to health care for neighborhood residents. Learn More.

Economic Development“What builds a prosperous community?”
Mercado La Paloma is an experiment in community revitalization that provides entrepreneurship opportunities for local residents and showcases local creativity to the broader Los Angeles Community. Learn More.

Environmental Justice“What creates a healthy environment?”          Esperanza engages local residents in understanding how environmental factors can impact your health and how we can keep our neighborhood healthy! Learn More. 

Arts & Culture: “What stimulates a thriving creative culture?”             Esperanza’s Art & Culture activities at the Mercado La Paloma provide a platform for local artists, musicians and creators to exhibit their work, improve their craft and increase access to local art and culture for our community.  Learn More.