Celebrating Thai Culture at Mercado la Paloma

CC_Thai_ImagePlease join us for lovely Thai Culture Celebrations as part of our Cultural Continuum Series at the Mercado La Paloma! We will feature workshops in dance, music and art exhibits celebrating the beautiful Thai Culture. Follow us on facebook for more details and updates.

On April 28 we will have a large festival closing our Thai Culture celebrations – mark your calendars for all of our free, fun, family friendly events!

Cultural Continuum Events Celebrate African American Heritage

Our most recent ArtPlace project Culturual Continuum partnered with Native Thinghood to present “CineSound: A Music Video Experience” at Mercado La Paloma’s conference room last Sunday.  At CineSound multiple music videos were showcased highlighting African American filmmakers who are working together to explore new ways of storytelling.

After the screening the filmmakers participated in an audience question and answer session.  The artists and filmmakers included: Luis “Ponch” Perez, Wendy Morgan, John Mazyck, Chris Black, DJ ON Deck: SC the WebSlinger, and Tyler the Creator.  Several questions were asked about inspiration, motivation, themes, and advice in following one’s creative dreams.  CineSound was a part of the Cultural Continuum Series, African American Heritage.

CineSound Audience @ Mercado La Paloma

The next Cultural Continuum and the final African American Heritage Event will take place this Sunday February 24. Please join us for a celebration of the late, great Gil Scott-Heron.

Mercado La Paloma is thrilled to present another spectacular FREE evening for music and culture lovers of ALL AGES as it hosts two incredible events in one night on February 24 from 7pm-11pm. Check it out!

The African Influences in Latin America- Music & Dance Workshop

Ever wonder where the steps in the famous Latin Salsa dance came from? Those dance moves came from African roots!

As part of our Art program, Mercado La Paloma was rocking the house the past two Saturdays with drums, singing, and dancing! Imodoye Shabazz, director of the Aladunn New African Performing Arts Group, gave a workshop in exploring the African roots of popular Latin, specifically Cuban, music.

History of the music and dances were taught as well as hands on learning! Check out this video! This is one of many events Mercado La Paloma has hosted as part of our ArtPlace project – Cultural Continuum.

Visit Mercado La Paloma’s Facebook page to stay up to date with more cultural experiences!