L.A. Dodgers at Mercado La Paloma

Today, on their annual Dodgers Community Caravan, the Los Angeles Dodgers made a stop for lunch at Mercado La Paloma. This two-day tour involves community outreach events and stops at local establishments. This afternoon, current and past Dodger players, accompanied by numerous news reporters and Dodger’s television broadcasters were greeted at the doors by fans wearing Dodger hats and jackets and anxiously holding baseball cards and photos for the players to autograph. The event was announced an hour before the stop by the Dodgers’ Twitter account and Chichen Itza, a restaurant in the Mercado that serves delicious and authentic food from Southeast Mexico, spread the news on their Facebook page. During the hour-long visit, the Dodgers enjoyed a meal from the acclaimed restaurants of  Mercado La Paloma, and then took time to sign autographs and take pictures with their fans. Go Dodgers! ~ Katie Fugate