Martin Luther King Day of Service

On Saturday, January 28th students from Occidental College in coordination with City Year, Esperanza, and Budlong Apartment tenants worked together towards a rewarding Martin Luther King Day of Service project in our neighborhood. The warm morning began with Occidental students cleaning Richardson Park across the street from Budlong Apartments. The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust graciously assisted the day by allowing us to borrow the park’s cleaning equipment. Area resident leaders, community health promoters (promotoras de salud) and Best Start Metro LA contributed with their time and presence in making Saturday memorable by welcoming our team and sharing stories of the community. Later in the morning, Budlong Apartments tenants lead the way in prepping the two Budlong Apartment garden plots to be populated by Rosemary, many perennial plants, mini rose bushes and cala-lilies.

Special thanks to Occidental College students, Budlong residents, Richardson Park tenant leaders’ committee, Best Start Metro LA, and Esperanza staff for making Saturday a success. Our communities thrive with days like Saturday and real time connection and volunteer contributions. May the legacy of Martin Luther King continue in our day to day lives as we give back to our communities.