Nuns on the Bus disembarks in the District

In 1989 Sister Diane Donoghue, then a community organizer for St. Vincent’s Church in South Central Los Angeles, was approached by a woman dying of cancer. For 30 years, the woman’s family had rented the same home. She wanted to die peacefully in the home where she had raised her children, but her family was facing the threat of eviction. Soon, other residents approached Sister Diane, concerned that their homes would also be destroyed for the construction of low-wage garment factories. Working with the community, Sister Diane founded Esperanza Community Housing Corporation so that low-income residents would have decent housing and the ability to shape the future of their neighborhood.

Sister Diane Donoghue, founder of Esperanza Community Housing Corp. in Los Angeles, and Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of the Catholic social justice lobbying group NETWORK, greet supporters after wrapping up a nine-state bus tour and finishing a rally in Washington on Monday. They rallied at the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society to protest Republican Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan. They say the plan favors wealthy U.S. citizens through tax breaks and neglects the needs of people struggling to survive. Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post.