Pumpkins in the Garden

kids defination of hippies “they like peace and have lava lamps”
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On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 12:22 PM, Evie King eviekng@gmail.com> wrote:

I just got 12 new kids in the program, 3 of whom I have wanted for a long time.
They live in Alegria. They have been watching me for years, with shy, wistful eyes.
Their father is an alcoholic who beats them and their mother, who in turn beats them.
Now they are in my class and happy children for at least a small time.
They confess to me that they found a rotting pumpkin and secretly carried it to the garden to see if it would grow. We wondered where that pumpkin had come from!
Now it is sprouting everywhere.
The redemptive power of gardens, art and growth, that’s what I should be thinking of.