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People Not Pozos is dedicated to the prioritization of people over corporate profits in the pursuit of a healthy living environment. When North University Park resident Teresa Mendoza endured the adverse effects of a nearby oil well when the noxious gases caused one of her kids to continuously suffer from nosebleeds, the People Not Pozos grassroots campaign rallied behind her family and other community members to help shut down the drilling site. Esperanza will continue to advocate for environmental justice throughout South LA as we always have in our 30-year history. … #Esperanza4SouthLA #PeopleNotPozos #LA #LosAngeles #SouthLA #SouthLosAngeles #Health #EnvironmentalJustice #NoDrillingWhereWereLiving

Posted by Esperanza Community Housing Corporation on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

People Not Pozos is a grassroots program dedicated to the prioritization of people over corporate profits in the pursuit of a healthy living environment.  The program developed out of a growing concern in University Park for the persistence of noxious gases.  Local community leaders, students, and Community Health Promoters organized community meetings to collect stories and concerns from the neighborhood.  It is this community collaboration that would lead to the development of People Not Pozos (People Not Oil Wells).

In an effort to gather reliable information about the air quality and health issues in the community, People Not Pozos (PNP) collaborated with Global Community Monitor and Physicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles.  As a result, PNP has received training and materials related to air quality monitoring, and has already performed two air samples and surveyed 100+ households on health conditions to oil and natural gas emissions.

Our mission is to secure a safe and healthy environment by educating, empowering, and working in unison with all community members.

As the world population continues to grow, the importance of the land we live on becomes increasingly apparent.  Although the campaign is currently focused on our local community, “We hope to use this place like a model for other communities with the same struggle,” says local resident Sandy Navarro.  It is time we all pay greater attention to the air we breath and the land we use.


For more information contact:
Hugo Garcia
Campaign Coordinator for Environmental Justice
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Email: hugo@esperanzacommunityhousing.org
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