Health Programs

Esperanza runs a number of health programs:

Community Health Promoters Training Program trains bi- and trilingual low-income residents of our neighborhood to become community health leaders, known as Promotores. The Community Health Promoters Training Program has trained 375 residents of the Figueroa Corridor to become community health leaders, patient advocates, health educators, and community organizers. The program’s success is due to community trust in the health promoters, their cultural sensitivity, and ability to access the community in ways that traditional health series cannot. Promotores reach more than 20,000 community residents each year and educate residents about varied health issues, including environmental health, lead poisoning prevention, allergies and asthma, prenatal care and early childhood development, and access to health services. Esperanza’s Community Health Promoter Program also serves as a gateway for employment in the health and social services fields for our residents.  More than thirty-four public health agencies and nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles employ Esperanza-trained Promotores.

Healthy Homes Project works with collaborating agencies St. John’s Well Child Center and Strategic Actions for Just Economy (“SAJE”) conducting community-based research, community education, home visits, hazard assessment and remediation to help parents prevent lead poisoning and asthma triggers from injuring their families.

For more information contact:
Gabriela Gonzalez
Project Manager/Community Health Promoter
Tel: 213.741.2365/ 213.741.1270
1979 Estrella Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Harbor Corridor Best Babies Collaborative (HCBBC) is funded by First 5 Los Angeles and includes seven partner organizations to improve birth outcomes among high-risk women in the Harbor Corridor and South Central Los Angeles.

For more information contact:
Norma Linares
Case Manager/Community Health Promoter
Tel: 213.748.7123 ext. 238                                     Email:

Esperanza also participates in conferences, workshops and seminars such as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Centers for Disease Control, American Public Health Association, Environmental Protection Agency, Los Angeles County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program and the Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning, where Promotores are regular presenters.

Esperanza’s Health Partners:

Coalition for Community Health, St. John’s Well Child Center, Strategic Actions for a Just Economy, Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning, Clínica Oscar Romero, California Hospital Medical Center, Pediatric & Family Medical Center, South Central Family Health Center, Norwood Street Elementary School Healthy Start Program, Hooper Avenue Healthy Start Program, Maternal Child Access Project, USC Head Start Program, USC School of Preventive Medicine, UCLA School of Public Health, and County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services Maternal Child Health, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention.

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