Esperanza envisions a people united for good, working side-by-side to promote basic human rights – including the rights to housing, health, education, and economic opportunity.  We have grown into a renowned advocate and developer of affordable housing, a pioneer and innovator in community health, a leader in community economic development, and a champion of education, arts and science programming for our children and their families.

We have co-written the following white papers addressing our work in enhancing community health:

Human Impact Partners – A Rapid Health Impact Assessment of the City of Los Angeles’ Proposed University of Southern California Specific Plan

Shame of the City – Slum Housing and the Critical Threat to the Health of LA Children and Families

Taming the Perfect Storm – Addressing the Impact of Public Health, Housing, and Law Enforcement Plicies on Homelessness and Health in South Los Angeles: A Human Rights Approach to Health

Shame of the City – The Sequel – Slum Housing: LA’s Hidden Health Crisis. Enhancing Community Health by Improving Housing and Health Practices, Aligning Government Priorities and Increasing the Power of Tenants

The Promotor Model – A Model for Building Healthy Communities