Esperanza’s Community Health Promoter training is now accepting applications!

Join the 20th cadre of Esperanza’s Community Health Promoter program! This training will encourage you to learn about health issues, advocacy, community involvement, and professional development. Participants will be part of a positive change at a community, state and national level and will learn about critical resources that support their community’s well-being. All participants will complete an internship and the end of the program and receive a certificate of completion!

Additional details of the program:

  • Starts in January 2016 and ends approximately in July 2016.
  • Will be 3 days/week 4 hours each day (time will vary on session and may be up to an 8 hour day).
  • Classes will be conducted in Spanish or English.
  • Your group will do a community project/presentation and will require additional hours outside of class time

Get the application: SPANISH   ENGLISH

To turn in your application you can:

Fax it to 213-748-9630  Attention: Norma Benitez, CHP Training Selection

Email it to normab@esperanzacommunityhousing.org

Mail it to Attention: Norma Benitez, 3655 S. Grand Ave., Suite 280, LA CA 90007

Deliver in person at 3655 S. Grand Ave., Suite 280, LA CA 90007, Mon.- Fri. between the hours of 9-4pm.  If you decide to turn it in at a different time please call Norma Benitez at 213-748-7285 to make arrangements.